About us

We are a fully licensed provider of postal services for the whole territory of the Republic of Macedonia.  But we are much more than that. We honestly care about you and your delivery and we want you to feel safe and secure when you entrust your valuable mailings to us. As market leaders in our field, we know about the responsibility we have towards our customers and our employees.

More than
  • Dedicated system ensuring full control of distribution to be carried out also by clients
  • Constant update of mailing database
  • Established Quality Control System
  • Guaranteed efficiency in delivery process
places all around Macedonia and expanding
  • Own logistic system without any outsourcing
  • GPS equipment
  • Highly professional vehicle park
  • Unique system of track and trace of postal items in real time
  • Call centre
years experience in Macedonia and we are improving daily
  • Specialized customer care centre
  • Delivery from Monday to Saturday between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
  • Express delivery upon request, including same day and Sunday delivery
  • Exclusive cooperation with international market leaders

The head office of Hello Post is located in Skopje. But you will find us and our offices all over the country. At the moment we have opened 30 offices in various cities. Our employees are happy to welcoming you there.

All our postal items can be monitored and tracked through our electronic web system from the moment it is handed over to us until it reaches its final destination. You have constant access to our system and can follow each post item in real time.

There are many reasons why to choose Hello Post


We are truly the only specialized company for your delivery requirement.

We are the courier that has the greatest experience with special delivery of sensitive, valuable and legal documents.

We use the most modern and innovative system for our delivery process.

Using the most modern technology to track and evaluate all steps of the delivery process, we offer perfect and tailor made service to you. You can follow your postal item in real time.

We offer high quality, secure delivery and other special services

We offerfast, reliable and secure delivery of legal documents. You would have expected that from us anyhow. But are you aware that we also support you with high value additional services relating to the delivery process (e.g. data base update, geo mapping, concerted marketing campaigns, professional consultation with lawyers)?

We offer comfortable and personalized services

Our clients always come first! We go at great length to give you fullest satisfaction and convenience. We will collect your postal items from your home or office and return all the confirmation to you in real time. And all of our services are handled with a smile by professional employees.

Our services are available in the whole area of the Republic of Macedonia 

We are present in the whole country and so is your post. Through our great network of offices we are able to deliver all around the country in the most efficient and reliable manner.