Special Values

Best service

We want the delivery process to be easy and convenient for you. Therefore we will always provide you with the best service available on the market. There is no need for you to put documents in envelopes, bring them to post office, weigh and frank them, etc. We collect your documents directly from your office and pack them free of charge. Moreover, we provide you with a final delivery report sent directly to your office immediately after the delivery / delivery attempt. Hence, relax, lean back and let us collect your documents.

Reliable and secure deliveries

Due to the nature of the documents that are entrusted to us, we place great importance on reliability and safety of our service. We mark each delivery with a special barcode. This allows you and us to track the item through the whole delivery process. Moreover, our employees are specifically trained to comply with our rigid safety standards.

Personal contact

A service can never be a great service without personal contact. Therefore, each client has a designated point of contact within our company. Our personal consultants support you with professional delivery consultancy by phone, by email and in personal meetings at your office whenever you require this. You can also talk directly with the regional office regarding specific location related matters. To ensure that we always have your delivery details readily available, each client receives a unique and individual identification card with a specific username and password. With this card, you can access our system and view and track your files at any time.